Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you haven't anything good to say...

If you woke up one day, prepared yourself to face the world, and realized, "My goodness. I have nothing good to say," or worse, "My goodness, I have nothing at all to say," would you say it anyway? Or would you let your blog get one day more stale?

And if that day stretched to a week, or a month, and you found yourself thinking, "My goodness. I still have nothing (good) to say," would you grow alarmed? Would you fault yourself for being lazy and self-indulgent, and firmly compel yourself to manufacture something you could post? Or would you keep silence out of concern that every time you tried to write, you found yourself wasting the time of your readers?

We all know that if you start a blog, you should treat it as a commitment as firm as any job. You should keep it fresh, expound upon matters within your realm of expertise, keep the opinions and advice coming. Stay positive. Build that Brand You. Market yourself nonstop.

But what happens if you DO hit a wall?
You go crunch, silently.
My goodness. I have nothing to say.